Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly Cotton
Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

Poly cotton is an artificial fabric made by blending cotton and polyester in a certain ratio. The most common combinations of cotton and polyester are 65% cotton 35% polyester, 60% cotton 40% polyester, 80% cotton 20% polyester and 50% cotton 50% polyester. The advantages and disadvantages of poly cotton are given below.

Advantages of Poly Cotton

Advantages of Poly Cotton are given below.

Less Prone To Piling and Static

Common complaints of polyester consumer include pilling (small bubble formation on fabric, a defect caused by wear) and tendency to build up a static charge, but unlike polyester poly cotton is less prone to pilling and static.


Pure cotton is soft but it’s not known for its strength while Poly Cotton is a very durable fabric and it is used mostly due to it’s strength that mainly comes from the good amount of polyester present in it. Recently a study from European textile services association show that workers who wear poly cotton at work requires 25% fewer cloths than those who wear 100% cotton.

Can Be Washed Often

Since poly cotton is a strong and durable fabric that is why it can bed washed more often than both cotton and polyester. That is why it is widely used in clothing.

More Breathable Than Polyester

Poly cotton is more breathable and comfortable than polyester.

Wrinkle Free

Poly Cotton is a wrinkle free fabric and it doesn’t need much ironing.


Poly cotton is not as expensive as pure cotton. It is affordable and long lasting with softness of cotton and durability of polyester.

Dries Quickly

According to one study of European Textile Services Association (ETSA), laundries drying poly cotton consume 50% less gas than drying 100% cotton because it dries quickly, this also makes it environment friendly.

Softer Than Polyester

Poly Cotton is much more softer and comfortable than polyester, this characteristic comes from cotton.

Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

Disadvantages of Poly Cotton are given below.

Skin Allergy

Poly cotton fabric with high amount of polyester are cheap but they can cause skim allergies since polyester is a synthetic fiber made by chemicals.

Attracts Dust

Poly cotton attracts the dust and other debris more than cotton and needs to be washed more.

Expensive Than Polyester

Poly cotton is cheaper than pure cotton but it is expensive than polyester because of cotton and other resources required in production of blend of cotton and polyester.

Not For Outdoor

Poly cotton is good for indoors If you are in office or at home but poly cotton is not that good for outdoor activities Specially in hotter environment, since its not that breathable as cotton.

Not Resistant To Fire

Poly cotton is not a good fire resistant and hot Temperature can damage the fabric real fast as poly cotton melts in high temperature.


Poly Cotton is relatively more slippery than cotton thus bed sheets made of poly cotton keep coming off which can be annoying and they also often need to be readjusted on mattress before bed.

Temperature Sensitive

Hot Iron can damage and deshape poly cotton clothing and bedding.

Not Ideal For Summer

Poly Cotton clothing and bedding products are not ideal for summer because poly cotton is not that breathable as cotton and it is not a good ventilator of air.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

Advantages and Disadvantages of Poly Cotton

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