Bed Sheet Buying Guide Basics

Bed Sheet Buying Guide Basics
Bed Sheet Buying Guide Basics

A good bed sheet is important for a good nights sleep and a good sleep (for at least 6 hours) is important for your healthy, day to day activities and daily life routine. So it’s safe to say that a good comfortable bed sheet keeps you healthy and a low quality bed sheet can make you sick.

But how can you identify and buy a good quality bed sheet. What are the things you should consider before buying any bed sheet. This post will guide you in a simplest possible way to buy the best possible Bedsheet.

Buyin Online or from Shops

In this modern and digital era, not many people visit markets to buy something like a bed sheet. Most people prefer buying their sheets online, from the comfort of their homes.

But it doesn’t matter If you are one of the few people who buy their bed sheets from shops and malls or you buy bedsheets online, in any case you must consider following things while buying your sheets.

Fabric Type

Different types of fabrics are used in the production of bed sheets and this is the first thing you must consider before buying any bed sheet from anywhere.


Cotton is a natural fabric and is most widely used to manufacture bed sheets worldwide. We also recommend cotton bed sheets to our readers. Remember following points about cotton bed sheets.

  1. Cotton sheets are good for summer as well as winters.
  2. Cotton sheets are very soft and comfortable.
  3. Cotton bed sheets are breathable and offer Temperature control.
  4. Cotton sheet doesn’t produce static charge so they don’t attract dust and get dirty like polyester.
  5. Cotton bed sheets are not as strong as polyester ones but they are long lasting and durable.

How To Identify Cotton Bed Sheet

Cotton bed sheets are soft and they don’t shine. If you burn a thread of cotton fabric it will burn to ashes, but if it melts then it’s not pure cotton. Read more here.

Poly Cotton

Most common fabric used in production of a bed sheet is a blend of cotton and polyester also known as poly cotton. Remember following points about poly cotton bed sheets.

  1. Poly cotton is durable and comfortable but if the amount of polyester is on higher side then you might not find this bed sheet very comfortable.
  2. Poly cotton bed sheets dries quickly.
  3. Poly cotton sheets are not ideal for summer.
  4. Poly cotton bedsheets are softer than polyester but not as much soft as the cotton bed sheets.
  5. Poly cotton bed sheets are cheaper than cotton bed sheets but expensive than polyester bed sheets.
  6. Poly cotton sheets don’t need frequent ironing similar to polyester sheets.
  7. Poly cotton bed sheets are good for winters since its warm and provides isolation.
  8. Poly cotton sheet get dirty, relatively quickly than cotton sheets since it attracts the dust.

How To Identify Poly Cotton Bed Sheet

Poly cotton sheets have a little shiny touch in them and on heating it stretches like plastic.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber made by chemical reactions and the resulted fiber is converted into fabric using some industrial procedures. Read how polyester bed sheets are made. Remember following properties of polyester bed sheets.

  1. Polyester sheets are very long lasting but since it’s synthetic material it might cause some allergies and they are also not good for summers.
  2. Polyester bedsheets are not breathable.
  3. Polyester bed sheets are warm and provide good insulation and thus can be a good choice for winter.
  4. Polyester sheets get dirty quickly very quickly since they produce static charge due to which it attracts the dust.
  5. Polyester bed sheets are not as much comfortable as cotton sheets and poly cotton bed sheets.
  6. Polyester bed sheets are comparatively cheaper than cotton sheets.

How To Identify Polyester Bed Sheet

Polyester fabric melts like plastic and turn into dark bead on heating and it is very easy to identify polyester bed sheet.

Other Fabrics of Bed Sheets

Other fabrics used in production of bed sheets are as follow.


Bamboo fabric is also a natural fabric used to make bed sheets. Remember following points about bamboo bed sheets.

  • Bamboo bed sheets are soft and durable, in fact in some cases they can be even softer than cotton bed sheets.
  • Bamboo blends with cotton and other material are often used in production of bed sheets and this is also recommended bed sheets.
  • Bamboo absorbs the moisture well that is why it’s bed sheets are preferred by some people.


Linen fabric is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen bed sheets are also widely used. Remember following points about linen sheets.

  1. Linen bed sheets are very good for the summer since they take away the body heat.
  2. Linen bed sheets don’t need much ironing since wrinkles are not common in the case of linen bed sheets.
  3. The fabric of linen bed sheets is a good filter and reduce the number of germs, dust particles and allergens.
  4. Linen sheets are breathable and airflow keeps them cool and dry.


Rayon fabric is made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products that are regenerated as cellulose fiber. Remember following points about Rayon bed sheets.

  1. Rayon bed sheets are soft and comfortable.
  2. Rayon bed sheets are really silky due to the nature of its fiber.
  3. Often bamboo sheets labeled as 100% Rayon.

What to Do If You are Unable to Identify Fabric of Bed Sheet

The type of fabric used in production of bed sheet is usually written on the packet of sheet or on the label stitched with it. You can also read the details about bed sheet in the product description section if you are buying it online.

Thread Count of Bed Sheets

Thread count is number of horizontal and vertical thread per square inch. Thread count is also consider as a measure of quality of bed sheet. Tests have found that bed sheet with thread counts like 300 to 400 or greater are much more durable. Thread count is also often written on the packet of bed sheet.


The type of weave also matter in quality of bed sheet. The recommended types of weaves are percale or sateen.


Percale is a grid-like and closely woven weave that feels light and crisp.


Sateen in a satin weave and feels silky smooth. Sateen weave gives sheet a softer and glossier look.


Heavy bed sheets often have this type of weave. Twill weave produces a fabric that is heavy and can be soft or crisp.


Jersey sheets are made with a flat knit that keeps them soft but they are also slippery and can come off bed again and again.

Size of Bed Sheet

Size of Bed Sheet matters. Standard size bedsheet or any other size bed sheet like queen or king, don’t account for mattress depth. Mattress depth is also important factor so make sure to measure before you buy. You should also account for some shrinkage after laundering.

Return Policy

It’s always good to read the return policy bedside buying sheets for bed and only buy it you satisfied with it because you never know whether you will like sleeping on it or not or if it’s durable or not. Most good brands have a return policy even after months for any reason.

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