Bed Sheet Buying Guide for Common People

How to Choose High Quality Bed Sheet
How to Choose High Quality Bed Sheet

The quality of Bed Sheet matters a lot because bedsheet is always in direct contact with your body and it helps you sleep peacefully.

The first step in buying good quality bed sheet is to figure out what texture of fabric you like, how durable it should be, how soft it should feel like and how warm or cool you want to feel while sliding into dreamland. The second thing can be your budget and the price of sheet. But these two things are very basic we have listed some more factors in detail that you must consider before buying any sheet.

Types of Materials of Bedsheet

The quality of raw material used in manufacturing of any type of product matters a lot. Good quality raw material means good quality end product. Similarly the quality of Bed Sheet also depends majorly on the material used. There are many types of materials that are used to make bed sheets, some of the most used ones are as follow.


Cotton Fabric Bed Sheet
Cotton Fabric Bed Sheet

Cotton bedsheets are most common. Cotton traps the heat well and also let the cool air pass through that is why cotton bed sheets are used in almost all climates.

Most expensive types of cotton sheet are made of Egyptian cotton, Pima or Sea Island cotton buy these are very expensive bed sheets.


Bamboo Fabric Bed Sheet
Bamboo Fabric Bed Sheet

Bamboo bed sheets are also very soft and durable, in fact in some cases they can be even softer than cotton bed sheets. Bamboo blends with cotton and other material are often used in production of bed sheets. Bamboo absorbs the moisture well that is why it’s bed sheets are preferred by some people.


Linen Bed Sheet
Linen Bed Sheet

Linen bedsheet are also widely used and they are very good for the summer since they take away the body heat but if you don’t like ironing or wrinkles then these are probably made for you.


Satin sheets are made using satin weave. They are also durable and they look very fancy and glamorous but they can be very warm and slippery for some people.

Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Fiber Content of Bed Sheet

Read the fiber content of bed sheet you are interested in. It should be mentioned on the tag attached to bed sheet or on its packaging.

100% cotton bed sheet are very famous and people tend to buy them more as they are soft and durable.

Extra Long Staple cotton bed sheet like sheets made from Egyptian cotton or Pima are even more softer and more durable but they are much more expensive and you would have to trust the company on the type of cotton they are using and also on the percentage of fiber content they are claiming.

You can also buy polyester bed sheet mixed with cotton or other type of material since its much more cheaper and it’s also soft and durable and less prone to wrinkling. Most common and economical bedsheet are the blend of cotton and polyester.

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Thread Count of Sheets

Thread count is no of horizontal and vertical thread per square inch. Thread count is also consider as a measure of quality of bed sheet buy it’s not necessarily true. Since tests have found that sometimes bed sheet with lower thread counts like 300 400 are much more durable.

Generally bed sheet with three count from 300 to  500 are soft and durable. But it’s not necessary that bed sheet with thread count above than 500 would be much more durable. Similarly bed sheet with thread count around 200 can be durable and even softer but not as much comfy as a bed sheet with higher thread count would be. Many factors matter when it comes to durability of bed sheet. But still checking a thread count of bed sheet is a good thing to do.

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Types of Weave of Bed Sheets

The type of weave can determine the durability, smoothness and overall quality of bed sheet. There are many types of weaves but most common ones are as follow.


Percale Weave
Percale Weave

Percale is closely woven bed sheet and it feel crisper than bed sheets with other types of weaves.


Sateen weave
Sateen weave

Sateen weave gives sheet a softer and glossier look.


Twill Weave
Twill Weave

Heavy bed sheets often have this type of weave. Twill weave produces a fabric that is heavy and can be soft or crisp.


Jersey sheets are made with a flat knit that keeps them soft but they are also slippery and can come off bed sheet again and again.

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Size of Bed Sheet

Size of Bed Sheet matters. Standard size bedsheet or any other size bed sheet like queen or king, don’t account for mattress depth. Mattress depth is also important factor so make sure to measure before you buy. You should also account for some shrinkage after laundering.

Return Policy

It’s always good to read the return policy bedside buying sheets for bed and only buy it you satisfied with it because you never know whether you will like sleeping on it or not or if it’s durable or not. Most good brands have a return policy even after months for any reason.

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