Everything You Need To Know About Polyester Bed Sheet

Everything You Need To Know About Polyester Bed Sheet
Everything You Need To Know About Polyester Bed Sheet

Polyester bed sheets are widely used all over the world and its market has grown up to billions of dollars. Polyester bed sheets are economical, durable, light weight, soft and long lasting. There are few disadvantages as well of polyester bed sheets but people prefer it due to it’s low price. Polyester is also used with other fabric materials like cotton to make bed sheets. Bed sheets made with 100% polyester are called microfiber. However the blend of nylon and polyester is also known as microfiber in market.

What is Polyester

Polyester is not a natural fiber, polyester is man made synthetic material. Polyester has very good shape characteristics which makes it durable and thus polyester bed sheets can be washed many times. Polyester fiber is dense but lightweight at the same time. Some high quality types of polyester bed sheets are smooth and very soft to touch. Polyester is the most produced, most used and simplest form of synthetic fiber.

Most common types of Polyester Fibers

Polyester is made synthetically with a chemical reaction of coal,  petroleum, water and air. In the result of two more molecules combine together to form long chains called polymers. The composition of these chains vary and thus form different types of polyester fibers. Two main types of polyester fibers made are called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and PCDT (Poly-1, 4-cyclohexylene-dimethylene). PET is most widely used type of polyester, however PCDT is used in more heavier applications because of it’s strength.

How Polyester is Made

Polyester is made with help of chemical reaction at high temperature. The petroleum by-product, acid and alcohol are reacted to producers polyester. The main component in production of polyester is the ethylene which is derived from petroleum products. Ethylene is the polymer in the chemical reaction. The Polyester molecules produced are strong and stable. This process is known as polymerization.

The molten polyester polymers are extruded from reaction chamber and are allowed to cool down. After cooling process is done they are broken into pieces and chips formed are melted again. Long polyester fibers are made by extruding it through spinning methods.

The most common polyester type PET or ethylene polyester is made using four different procedures. These procedures vary slightly from each other depending on which polyester form or type is required. These four polyester fibers are filament, staple, tow and fiberfill.


Polyester Filament are continuous long fibers. Filament form polyester is used to make soft fabrics.


Polyester staples resembles staples which are used to make cotton yarn. Polyester staples are spun into yarn like materials.


In Polyester Tow fiber, the fibers are loosely arranged to form soft fabric.


Fiberfill polyester form consist of continuous polyester fibers. Fiberfill polyester fiber is dense and is used in production of heavy products like pillows and stuffed animals.

Polyester bed sheets are made from this synthetic polyester fiber. Polyester bed sheets made are highly durable fabric and usually can survive years of washing and wear.

Advantages of Polyester Bed Sheets

Some advantages of polyester bed sheet are as follow.

Stable Price

Since polyester bed sheets are made with synthetic fiber so the prices don’t fluctuate much as in the case of bed sheets made with cotton and other fibers.

Durable and Long Lasting

Polyester fiber is strong and do not wear out easily, so bed sheets made with polyester are very durable, long lasting and usually can survive years of washing and wear.

Resists Wrinkles

Polyester sheets are very resistant to the wrinkles which makes them super easy to use.

Doesn’t Shrink

Polyester bed sheets do not shrink like other materials and keep it’s shape intact due to the synthetic material used.


Polyester bed sheets are relatively inexpensive because they are made using synthetic fiber. Other fiber bed sheets are relatively expensive.

Good for Winters

Polyester bed sheets are ideal for cold weather. They are very warm and provide good insulation.

Dries Quickly

Polyester fiber is not a very good absorber of water due to which polyester bed sheets dry very quickly after a good wash.


Polyester bed sheets are very lightweight yet durable and strong. The volume of polyester sheets is on higher side which makes it very comfortable.

Disadvantages of Polyester Bed Sheets

Some disadvantages of polyester bed sheet are as follow.

Not Breathable

Polyester bed sheets are not breathable and do not pass air which can be a problem for some people.

Not Suitable For Summers

Polyester is a good insulator and that is why it is not suitable for summers. It keeps the warm air trapped and can cause sweating.

Temperature Sensitive

Polyester is a very sensitive fiber and heat can damage polyester bed sheet relatively quickly, thus care must be taken to avoid the damage.

Not Good and Gentle for Skin

Polyester bed sheets are comparatively rough and thus they are not ideal for some skin types.

Allergy Problem

Textile Dermatitis is a type of skin allergy caused after coming in contact with polyester fiber (since it’s a synthetic material). Thus polyester bed sheets are not recommended for people with sensitive skin types or allergy conditions.


Polyester is relatively more slippery than cotton thus bed sheets made of polyester keep coming off which can be annoying and they also often need to be readjusted on mattress before bed.

How To Wash Polyester Bed Sheets

To wash polyester bed sheets follow the following instructions carefully.

Read The Care Label

Before washing your polyester bed sheet read the care label for all instructions to determine if you can use washing machine for it or if you need to wash your polyester bed sheet with hands. If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning only then take your bed sheet to the professional for cleaning. Polyester is a very durable fabric but still proper care must be taken. After reading the instructions you can follow next steps (if allowed).

Water Temperature

Water temperature must not be that hot, mostly 120 degree farenhite or lower temprature is recommended to wash polyester bed sheets. Hot water can cause polyester to shrink or wrinkle.

Wash Cycle

Always use Delicate wash cycle for washing polyester bed sheets. Heavy duty or hard wash settings can also damage the polyester.

Use Appropriate Detergent

Always use detergent which is mild and appropriate for polyester bed sheets. Detergent with chlorine can damage the polyester bed sheets.

Low Heat Drying

Always use the low heat settings for drying the polyester bed sheet in dryer. If using dryer is not recommended then you can also dry your sheets in sunlight. However sun drying can decolorize polyester bed sheets that’s why drying them in normal room temperature is recommended.

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