How many Bed Sheets Can be Washed in Washing Machine

How many Bed Sheets Can be Washed in Washing Machine
How many Bed Sheets Can be Washed in Washing Machine

Keeping your bed clean is as much important as keeping your diet healthy. On average one should change/wash the bed sheet at least once a week. While washing your sheets yourself, you should be careful about how much load you are going to put in the washing machine.

Drum Capacity of Washing Machine (in kg)

The term Drum capacity is used for the dry wash load that a washing machine can hold and it is measured in kilograms (kg). Let’s say that the drum capacity of your washing machine is 6kg, it means that your machine can safely wash 6kg of dry bedding/clothing in one cycle. You should know the exact drum capacity of washing machine before putting your sheets inside and never overload the machine. It’s important to choose a washing machine that perfectly suits your household’s needs. Overloading your washing machine with bed sheets can shorten it’s lifespan and it also causes sheets to clump and rotate together in one large ball. This stops the detergent from spreading evenly or getting rinsed out properly. Clumping can also damage your bedsheets permanently.

  1. Washing machines with drum capacity of 5-6kg are perfect for individuals or couples
  2. Washing machines with drum capacity of 7-9kg are perfect for medium households
  3. Washing machines with drum capacity of 10-12kg are perfect for large families

Drum Capacity and Number of Bed Sheets

Now the real question that arise is that, How many bed sheets can you wash in your washing machine in one cycle, if you know the drum capacity?

The answer to this question depends on two things mainly, the fabric of bed sheet and the thread count of bed sheet (higher the thread count, heavier the sheet would be). Some bed sheets are made with light weight fabric and some are made with heavier material. Similarly bed sheets made with same fabric but different thread count will differ in weight. That is why there is no hard and fast rule on how much sheets you can wash in your washing machine.

So the ideal thing would be to take the scale and weigh your sheets first before throwing them into the washer, make sure it’s not more than the drum capacity of washing machine.

Rough Estimate

Here’s a rough estimate calculated by us of how many bed sheets (only sheets) you can put in a washing machine in one cycle.

Bed Sheets in 6kg Washing Machine

Roughly you can wash four bed sheets in 6kg drum capacity washing machine.

Bed Sheets in 7kg Washing Machine

In 7kg washing machine you can wash five sheets easily depending on the weight of sheets.

Bed Sheets in 8kg Washing Machine

8kg washing machine are perfect to wash up to six sheets in one cycle or even more.

Bed Sheets in 9kg Washing Machine

Seven to eight bed sheets can be washed in 9kg washing machine.

Bed Sheets in 10kg Washing Machine

If drum capacity of your machine is 10kg then you should be able to wash nine to ten sheets easily with out any problem.

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