How To Identify Cotton Fabric

How To Identify Cotton Fabric
How To Identify Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton is a natural fabric used in production of different textiles like bed sheets, cloths, bags etc. Cotton bed sheets are most sold and most popular bed sheets in the world. Cotton bed sheet is also the most recommended bed sheet by almost all authentic sources.

People use cotton bed sheets more than any bed sheet because it can be used in any season of the year. Cotton bed sheets are breathable, soft and durable.

Even though cotton bed sheets are expensive but some blends of cotton are also very common, like cotton and polyester blend and other cheap blends are available everywhere in the market. Some sellers sell these blends by branding them as pure cotton at a very high price.

To identify that if the fabric is pure cotton or not you can conduct a simple test known as burn test.

Burn Test

The burn test is used to identify the pure cotton from impure ones. To conduct this simple test, take edge of fabric and burn some threads coming out of it directly in the flame.

After heating them, move away the fibers from the flame slowly and evaluate it on the base of following points.


The pure cotton fabric doesn’t melt or shrink on burning or heating and it continues to burn even when removed from the flames. The impure cotton or other synthetic materials shrink into a tiny ball on heating.


Burning pure cotton smells like a burning paper.

Color of Ash

The ash of pure cotton fabric is grey residue left after combustion.

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