How to Iron Bed Sheets Properly

How to Iron Bed Sheets Properly
How to Iron Bed Sheets Properly

We all love sleeping in bed with soft, comfortable and well ironed bed sheets. This is something that we miss in our homes after a five star sleeping experience in a lavish hotel. But you can enjoy this at your home too by ironing your bed sheets properly.

Even though ironing your bed sheets at home may seem like an uphill task, but it’s worth treating yourself from time to time. Follow following steps to iron your bed sheets properly and quickly.

Damp Bed Sheets

The best time to iron your bed sheet is when it is still damp. After washing your bed sheet in hot water let it dry for some time and iron it just before it dries completely. This is a very effective way to get rid of creases. Always use hot iron on creases.

Use Starch

Using a good quality Starch while ironing your bed sheet is very important to achieve the same comfortable feel of a hotel bed. Starch spray will make your sheets crispier but not stiff and it also helps to keep your bed sheet wrinkle free for a longer period of time.

Starch also gives your bed sheets more body so that they won’t slip off the bed and feel nice and comfortable when you sleep on your bed.

Note: Use starch with good light scent in it for a refreshing experience.

Fold your Bed Sheet Lengthwise

After ironing every side of bed sheet with starch fold your bed sheet carefully. Folding your bed sheet lengthwise saves the time and will speed up the process and also it gets easier to iron the sheets this way. The creases can form when you make the bed if bed sheet is folded width-wise. Also take care of the elastic at the corners of the fitted bed sheet and keep it away from iron. The hot iron can damage the elastic permanently.

Use Hot Iron

Use hot iron to iron your bed sheet, it will remove the wrinkles quickly, spread the sheet completely before pressing it with hot iron on the flat surface.

Use Hot Water

Keep the hot water spray bottle with you while pressing your bed sheets. Spray hot water over the wrinkles before pressing them firmly with hot iron. Hot water gives smoothness to bed sheet and helps removing the wrinkles very quickly.

Do the Pillow Cases

Don’t forget to iron the pillow covers as well after ironing your bed sheets for complete hotel like experience. Use starch for each pillow case and apply hot water as well using spray bottle.

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