How To Keep Your Bed Cool in Summers – Without Air Conditioning

How To Keep Your Bed Cool in Summers
How To Keep Your Bed Cool in Summers – Without Air Conditioning

In most parts of the world summer days and nights can be very hot and it gets difficult to get a good nights sleep in extreme temperatures but luckily there are few things that you can do to keep your room and bed cool and comfortable in summers.

Cotton Bed Sheets

Make sure that you are using 100% cotton sheets in summer, cotton is breathy and keeps your bed cool even in summers, bed sheets made up of materials like silk, satin or flannel are not recommended at all in summers. Light colored bed sheets made of lightweight cotton are best for promoting ventilation and airflow. Bed sheets made of Egyptian cotton are best for summers.

Damp Sheets

In some countries of Africa due to extreme temperatures people damp the bed sheets in cold water before going to bed, you can also use wet towels to cover some parts of your body.

Cooling Mattress

Use cooling mattress , a cooling mattress is made with materials that enable it to absorb extra heat of your body and keep your body cool.

Hot Water Bottle

You can use hot water bottles to keep your bed cool in summers. Sounds strange but it isn’t instead of filling it with hot water bottle, fill it with room temperature water and keep it in freezer. Once it’s cold enough you can take it to the bed with you.

Use Windows

If there is a window in your room make sure that it’s open at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Another trick related to the room window is that you can use pedestal or box fans as an exhaust by pointing them towards the window so they can push the hot air out.

Wear Loose Cloths in Bed

It is recommended in summers that you wear loose and lightweight cloths before going to bed, for the comfortable sleep.

Keep the Lights Off

This might sound weird but it makes sense as well. The lights we use in our homes dissipates a lot of heat that adds up to the summer heat making your room more hot, so it’s better if you keep your lights off as much as possible.

Use Shades and Curtains for Window

If your room is sun-facing then most of the heat will enter through the window but luckily you can design a shade for your window to prevent the extra heat and sunlight from coming inside. You can also use blinds or curtains that keep the heat outside to further lower the temperature of room.

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