How to Stop Bed Sheet from Slipping Off a Bed

How to Stop Bed Sheet from Slipping Off a Bed
How to Stop Bed Sheet from Slipping Off a Bed

Most of us don’t like messy bed rooms while some don’t care about these things at all but sometimes, something as little as a messy bed can destroy our sleep routine and thus affecting our daily lives, our relationships with people around us and even our progress at work.

A well made and organized bed can set the tone of our day, this is why it’s important to keep our beds organized and stop the bed sheet to keep coming off since it can be really annoying. You can use following methods to stop your bed sheet from coming off again and again.

Stretchy Bands Method

You can use ready made stretchy rubber bands like bands to prevent your bed sheets from coming off. You can buy them online from Amazon or eBay. Take at least two bands and fit one on top of the mattress over your bed sheet while second one on the bottom side just a feet above from the bottom of the bed.

Use Rougher Sheets under your Bed Sheet

You can also place a rough sheet under your bed sheet. Usually bed sheets are smooth and they slip a lot but a rough underneath sheet can reduce their movement.

Use Elastic Pieces

Take 4 pieces of elastic, around 6 inches each and use safety pins (two each for one corner) to attach the elastic piece with the bed sheets. The elastic will draw the two edges of each side of bed sheet together and it won’t slip away.

Use Double Sided Tape

You can also use double sided tape at each corner of the bed sheet. Take four pieces of double sided tape and use it between the bed sheet and mattress. The tape will stick the bed sheet with mattress firmly.

Use Hook and Loop Fasteners

You can use hook and loop fasteners commonly known as Velcro for same purpose. Sew the hook with mattress and loop fasteners with the bed sheets and attach them together.

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