How To Wash Cotton Bed Sheets

How To Wash Cotton Bed Sheets
How To Wash Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are most popular bed sheets in the world. Cotton is a breathable, soft and durable fabric, good for all seasons. Follow following instructions to wash your cotton bed sheets.

Read Washing Instructions

Never forget to read washing instructions written on instruction label before washing your cotton bed sheets. On this label you can find information related to material of the fiber and it’s composition. Some cotton bed sheets are mixture of polyester and other fibers and some are 100% pure. The instructions can vary depending on the composition of bed sheet.

Avoid Hot Water

Never wash your cotton bed sheets in very hot water. Luke warm water settings are ideal to wash cotton bed sheets. The over heated water can deteriorates the cotton fiber.

Don’t Use Harsh Detergents

Avoid using harsh detergent that contain strong chemicals like chlorine. Always use mild soap or mild detergent to wash cotton bed sheets.

Drying in Low Heat

Drying your bed sheets in low heat settings is always recommended. It can increase the life span of cotton bed sheets. You can also dry your sheets in normal room temperature which is ideal or in sunlight, but never keep your sheets in sunlight for too long as it can fade the color of sheets.

Use Freshners

Use freshners or artificial softeners with detergent to treat your bed sheets.

Tip To Avoid Wrinkles

Not many people like ironing their bed sheets often. You can avoid maximum wrinkles by hanging your cotton bed sheets straight after washing them.

Liquid Detergent we Recommend

How To Wash Cotton Bed Sheets

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