How to Wash Polyester Bed Sheets

How to Wash Polyester Bed Sheets
How to Wash Polyester Bed Sheets

Polyester is man made synthetic material. Polyester has very good shape characteristics which makes it durable and thus polyester bed sheets can be washed many times. To wash polyester bed sheets follow the following instructions carefully.

Read The Care Label

Before washing your polyester bed sheet read the care label for all instructions to determine if you can use washing machine for it or if you need to wash your polyester bed sheet with hands. If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning only then take your bed sheet to the professional for cleaning. Polyester is a very durable fabric but still proper care must be taken. After reading the instructions you can follow next steps (if allowed).

Water Temperature

Water temperature must not be that hot, mostly 120 degree farenhite or lower temprature is recommended to wash polyester bed sheets. Hot water can cause polyester to shrink or wrinkle.

Wash Cycle

Always use Delicate wash cycle for washing polyester bed sheets. Heavy duty or hard wash settings can also damage the polyester.

Use Appropriate Detergent

Always use detergent which is mild and appropriate for polyester bed sheets. Detergent with chlorine can damage the polyester bed sheets.

Low Heat Drying

Always use the low heat settings for drying the polyester bed sheet in dryer. If using dryer is not recommended then you can also dry your sheets in sunlight. However sun drying can decolorize polyester bed sheets that’s why drying them in normal room temperature is recommended.

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Liquid Detergent we Recommend

How to Wash Polyester Bed Sheets

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