Simple Tips To Wash Bed Sheets

Simple Tips To Wash Bed Sheets
Simple Tips To Wash Bed Sheets

Your bed should be comfortable, calm and peaceful. Clean and comfortable bed is as important as the bed itself. Everyone need nice, perfectly clean and fresh bed sheets. Follow these tips on to wash bed sheets for peaceful night’s sleep.

Read Instruction Tag

First thing first, read the instruction tag or label on your bed sheet. Follow all the instructions written on it for perfect results. Most bed sheets can be washed at home but some may need professional treatment.

Wash With Hot Water

Wash your bed sheet with hot water. Hot water temperature setting must be done as per the care tag of bed sheet. Hot water is good for disinfection and it kills most types of germs as well as pests like dust mites and bed bugs. Hot water also helps the detergent in removing stains. Almost all materials of bed sheet are best washed in hot water.

Use Fabric Softener and Fresheners

Use fabric softener and fresheners with regular detergent for fresh, clean and soft bed sheets. You can also make your own spray using rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit with lavender oil.

Wash Every Week

Although washing bed sheet is a time taking task but it’s worth the effort. It is recommended that you wash your bed sheets once a week. People who don’t use their bed much, can wash their bed sheets once in 2 weeks but more delay than that is not recommended at all. However some people spend more time in bed and they should wash bed sheets as much as possible. Read more on when you should change your bed sheets.

Separate Bed Sheets By Color

Never Wash dark colored bed sheet with the light colored bed sheets. Since most bed sheets are white and they should never be washed with red, blue or Amy other dark colored sheet.

Drying Bed Sheets

You can use dryers to dry the bed sheets quickly but dryers can also damage the bed sheet. Read instructions regarding drying written on label. You can also sun-dry your bed sheets which is good because it kills the germs but colors of some bed sheet can fade in sunlight. The best way to dry your bed sheet is to dry it out in a cool place, without dryer or sun light, but it will take more time than other two methods.

Wash Pillow Cases as Well

Never forget to wash your pillow covers, in some cases pillows can get dirty quickly than sheets and they deserve a good wash regularly.

Liquid Detergent we Recommend

Simple Tips To Wash Bed Sheets

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