What are Customized Bed Sheets

What are Customized Bed Sheets
What are Customized Bed Sheets

Customized bed sheets are sewn and made on order exactly like fancy hand made cloths that we wear.

There can be many reasons for making a customized bed sheet. Sometimes the required bed sheet is so expensive that they can only be bought on special order, as per your size requirements and taste.

Sometimes the size of mattress is too odd for normal bed sheets. Like it’s difficult to find fitted bed sheet for mattress with 23″ thickness. They are also made on orders by manufacturers. There are 6 common sizes of custom made bed sheets.

Some people want their own design, pattern, text or picture to be printed on regular bed sheets. Such bed sheets are also known as customized bed sheets and there are many companies that print these bed sheets for their customers.

These bed sheets are printed by expert workers. The ink is fused into the microfiber fabric using dye sublimation, making a permanent print that will not fade or rub off.

Some of the website that make customized bed sheets are listed below.

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