What is the Bed Sheet with the Elastic Called?

What is the Bed Sheet with the Elastic Called
What is the Bed Sheet with the Elastic Called?

There are many types of bed sheets and and it can be a bit confusing learning and remembering everything about them. This is the reason why the furniture brand outlets and bedding sections in departmental stores are so big. All different types of pillows, covers, bed sheets are found there, in different sizes and shapes.

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Fitted Sheet or Bottom Sheet

The type of bed sheet with elastic stitched at the edge is called fitted or bottom sheet. Fitted sheets are used to fit and cover the mattress. Fitted sheets are also used as bottom sheet, underneath your top bed sheet, that is why it is also known as bottom sheet. Fitted bed sheets protect the mattress from wear and tear and the elastic at the edges don’t let the sheet come off. The fitted sheet don’t detach itself from the mattress.

Knowing basic difference between types of bed sheets and other bedding items will help you in buying exactly what you want and is also important to make a comfortable bed for yourself. Read Difference between fitted and flat sheets.

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