Why do White Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

Why do White Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?
Why do White Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

One problem that most people face is that their White bed sheets turn yellow with time and usage. There can be many factors that contribute in changing the color of sheets, from white to yellow. One thing that is important to mention here is that the color of natural cotton is not pure white, it’s slightly towards off white.

The most common reason of white bed sheets turning yellow is frequent usage of bleach with normal laundry detergents. The bleach is used to help whiten and brighten the bed sheets and to remove old set-in stains from them.

The main constituent of common household bleach is a chemical called sodium hypochlorite. It reacts with the fibers of the bed sheet, because of this bleach’s reaction and oxidation, white fiber starts turning yellow.

The chlorine bleach is excellent for removing stains from bedsheets but it can cause yellowing if overused or if used on white synthetic fibers.

The other reasons include sweating and reaction of antiperspirant and body salts released from our body. The skin-care products, lotions, creams also react with our body oil which contain salt that can change the color of white fibers of bed sheet.

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Why do White Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

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